I don't work out from any criteria or agenda when making art. I usually call it work, because utmost it's what I'd love to do full time.

Generally if it pleases my eye visually or, with the case of my cut-ups, rhythmically, phonetically and story/narrative/content wise satisfies, then it works. I'm pretty stubborn, bows to the corner, heckles at the right. Which has resulted in myself being agitatedly content with not seeking an outlet i.e publisher, gallery. That's not to say my works not out there and that I'm not interested. I got tired of banging on gallery doors.

I worked for a few years with the now absolved Beta Band. I was their warm up act on two tours. I, for the most, dressed up as a skeleton and a nun and read my work through a voice transformer. The result was pretty chaotic but it was great fun. I was heavily influenced by Hugo Ball, Andre Breton, Tristan Zara and Mayakovsky at the time. I'd not long returned from Russia and was inspired by the artists I'd met out there. But that's another story. Since then I've traveled in the U.S, Mexico, India Nepal, Ghana, Mali and Togo.

I currently live in Denmark, where I've been for the last ten years with my wife and kids. I paint, write, draw and get up in the morning and go to work.

All enquires - sean@seanmccluskey.com